iPhone app Development, Blackberry application Development

Mobile Application Development

According to Nielsen, half of mobile phone subscribers in the US now use smart phones. These powerful devices are quickly becoming THE platform for social interaction, information gathering and shopping. Mobile applications are the new frontier for brand building, e-Commerce and customer interaction.

There are a number of ways that mobile applications can allow your customers to interact with your brand on a daily basis. You can:

  • Offer valuable services on an engaging and simple to use platform
  • Provide them with easy access to your products from wherever they are
  • Give them something fun to do while they’re on the go


  • Make your services easier to access
  • Increase revenues by offering a convenient sales platform
  • Create opportunities to interact with customers and build your brand’s voice


We specialize in mobile application development. Our clients will confirm, our mobile projects are unique, engaging and effective. We’ve built apps for use in a number of industries, from medical & healthcare, gaming, real estate, hotel & hospitality, construction and more. Whatever it is that you do, we have strategies and ideas that can help build your business.


SPINX is a full service digital agency, with an experienced team that works across many disciplines. They specialize in the skills required to build a great mobile app, including marketing analysis and strategy, User Interface and User Experience, design, coding, programming, quality assurance, analytics and iterations. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about our process.

Our Process

Our development process includes an in depth marketing and brand discovery phase, so our team can learn as possible about our client’s products, target market and business goals. Once those are clearly defined, our User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) specialists go to work on the information architecture, site map, then wire framing the application page by page. Once the wireframe is approved by the client, our talented designers add the color, texture, fonts and overall look and feel of the application. When the design is complete our team of highly skilled coders and developers turn the image files into technological marvels, adding the coding and programming required to make the site interactive, engaging and powerful.

Types of Mobile Apps

The developers at SPINX have worked on a wide array of mobile applications for mobile phones and tablets. One feature that truly enables the power of a mobile app are geolocation services. Integrating GPS into your application gives the User the powerful ability to see what’s around them and find useful information, in way you couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. Another important feature that many applications take advantage of, is the ease with which applications allow Users to instantly communicate with friends and colleagues, from anywhere in the world. By harnessing the functionality of modern mobile devices, we can build a great looking, easy-to-use application for your brand that will give your customers great value and utility.

Platforms and Versions

Our development team is experienced on all major mobile platforms and our Quality Assurance process checks for application compatibility on all the latest mobile operating systems.

Using the Google Android Emulator and SDK and the Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iPhone simulators, our developers guarantee mobile applications that adhere to the strictest standards.